CS-Cart "KupiShop" Theme


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KupiShop is an adaptive, stylish, harmonious theme with an universal and modern design, that perfectly for your store. A variety of colour schemes for stores of different focus will help you determine the style of the site and choose a more suitable solution for your store. Many "chips" and blocks have been developed for various purposes, from multi-functional promo-blocks, to universal banners and sales tools. We have relied on the experience of the most successful projects both in the Russian market and abroad. The main task of our product is to sell your goods. We combined the trends of web design and competent approach to sales in this theme.

You will get three additional addons with the theme

  1. Infinite Scroll. This module allows to automatically load the next page with products after the end of the list without reloading the page.
  2. Instagram Feed. The "Instagram Feed" addon allows to show Instagram posts by username or hashtag.
  3. Tabbed Blocks. This module allows the store administrators to embed different blocks into one with tabs.

Theme features

  1. Users will be able to make purchases by mobile devices without inconvenience thanks to the responsive design.
  2. We created several color schemes that will help you to choose most appropriate style for your store.
  3. Installing demo data with the theme installation.
  4. Extended menu. You can add banner, link and short description for the main categories on the menu. You can also add an icon for the main categories on the vertical menu.
  5. Extended promotion function helps you to be still closer to your clients. We added the following modifications:
    • - The detailed page of the promotion. There is the end time of the promotion, the description and products participating in the promotion.
    • - The block with goods participating in promotions. Each product has the product picture, the product name, the price, the end time of the promotion.
    • - The block with one product participating in the promotion. The block displays information about the product and the end time of the promotion.
    • - The block with promotions.
    • - The block with one promotion. The block displays information about the promotion and the time it ends.
  6. The block "Products by category." We have developed a unit that allows you to output and switch products by category. In each category, you can display a banner or advertising product from this category, which will be displayed based on the results of the specified sort.
  7. User's photo for review. You can display the user's photo in the block with reviews now.
  8. Video for product. You can attach a video to each product that opens in the popup.
  9. We have added a new kind of navigation buttons display for banners.

Color schemes

UI Elements




Horizontal menu

Vertical menu

CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor version:
  • 4.6.X
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X
  • 4.10.X
  • 4.12.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.15.X

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  • Install the theme as a module.
    • Go to the page Add-ons -> Manage add-ons.
    • Download the archive by clicking on the "Plus" and selecting the desired archive.
  • Activate the desired style.
    • Go to the page Design -> Themes.
    • Install the theme and select the style you want.
The theme is installed, but without the demo data.
To install demo data:
  • Activate the [eCom Labs] Theme Demo Data addon on the Add-ons -> Manage add-ons page.
  • Select the data you want and click to the "Import" button on the [eCom Labs] KupiShop Theme -> Demo data page.