Technical support

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Technical support

An online store should give profit every second.
You should not waste time on solving technical problems.
WE are here for it.
We'll support the functionality and smooth operation of your online store.

eCom Labs specialists will help you to solve almost any problem in this area. We will fix your request and answer as soon as possible.

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$60 60 credits Starter Suitable for small tasks:
  • $1 - the cost for 1 credit
  • Ongoing support
  • Error correction
  • The package is valid for 365 days
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$150 180 credits Professional Suitable for tasks of medium complexity
  • $0,8 - the cost for 1 credit
  • Saving ~ 20%
  • Ongoing support
  • Error correction
  • CS-Cart modification
  • The package is valid for 365 days
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Most popular $200 300 credits Business Suitable for project development
  • $0,66 - the cost for 1 credit (the most profitable)
  • Saving ~ 33%
  • Ongoing support
  • Error correction
  • Additional functionality
  • Problem research
  • Update
  • The package is valid for 365 days
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How it works?

  • Problem
    You need technical support
  • Credit package
    You buy credit package
  • Tasks
    Provide task list
  • Difficulty
    We estimate the complexity of the tasks and time for its solving
  • Processing
    Task fulfillment
  • Testing
    You check, approve


How many credits does the solution of a particular problem cost?

The cost depends on task difficulty. There are several tasks categories.

  • Standard functionality and settings of CS-Cart - 5-10 credits
  • Adjustment of standard CS-Cart functionality - 5-15 credits
  • CS-Cart modification. Support engineer assess the task difficulty and approve it with the client - from 20 credits
  • The problem investigation related to code changes or incorrect data in the database - from 20 credits
  • The standard store update without third-party add-ons and solving the problems during the update process - from 15 credits

How do you assess the credit number?

In your personal account, you can see the available technical support credits. You can buy packages on our website.

Any request is evaluated in credits. The number depends on the category to which the question belongs.

I bought credit package. What is my next step?

You can write here or send a request to, our IT specialists will contact you within 2 hours.

Do you inform about the number of credits you need to solve the problem in advance?

If the task concerns CS-Cart setting up, we will solve it without your confirmation.

In other cases, we approve the cost with you.

The cost can be changed during the problem investigation. The support engineer will definitely inform you about it

What period the service package is valid?

A calendar year from the date of purchase, after this period, the credits are burned out.

For example, if you bought a package in November 19, 2021, your credits will be deducted in November,19 2022. ( even if you haven't used them)

Business hours?

We provide technical support from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT+3) only on business days.

However, if there are urgent tasks , we will solve them, but at a double rate.

Is it necessary to have credits in my account if I need support?

Yes, this is a must. Please note that if you do not have credits, support engineer may refuse you. The study of the problem can be evaluated by individual credits.

Do you have any questions?

Please give your contact information, we will contact you and answer all questions you are interested in.
FRI-MON from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT+4)
Russia, 432010, Ulyanovsk, Vracha Mikhailova street, bld. 51, off. 208