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Integration of external applications

Adjustment and optimization of data exchange between your online store and external applications is a very complicated task. But this process is essential because contemporary services often require integration with third-party services such as erp integration, shipping integration, shopping cart integration and many other. Integration of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with external applications is the specialty of eCom Labs.

We will combine your online store with such services as:
- Payments.
- Delivery costs calculation.
- Metrics and marketing analysis.
- Widgets and exterior applications.

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Sometimes standard payment methods of CS-Cart are insufficient for the proper functioning of your online store. eCom Labs company has a broad experience in integration with different payment systems such as:

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Delivery costs calculation

If you sell «physical goods», delivery is a key element of your business. Currently, there are many online logistics services that can calculate distance, time, the cost of transportation and other different factors. eCom Labs smoothly integrates logistics service to your online store.

Metrics and marketing analysis

Instruments allowing analyzing sales and targeting audience behavior are powerful tools of successful online business. Marketing data analysis helps you to maximize efficiency of your store. Adjustment of analytical services is a critical task that should be carried out by highly skilled professionals. eCom Labs gives a 100% guarantee on the work of its employees.

Widgets and exterior applications

Modern e-Commerce market grows dynamically and offers creative solutions to business in this area. eCom Labs is ready to integrate any external application with your online store.

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