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    SEO addons for CS-Cart is an amazing opportunity for promotion your online store. CS Cart SEO addon allows solving important problems, saving a lot of time and money. One of such problems is automatic change of URLs where filters are applied. Simple links became SEF-links (Search-engine-friendly). Understandable and easily indexed links will bring your site in top. In addition, you can automatically generate meta-data (names, descriptions, headers) for each category according to the templates you created


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    This module allows to create subdomain for SEO promotion of the store in required regions


    This module allows to remove main language from URL with the 'Show language in the URL' setting enabled


    This module allows to easily add Structured Data Markup to the website using Schema.org and JSON-LD

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    This module allows to add and edit SEO pages for product filters


    This module allows to specify SEO name to any URL with extra parameters


    Allows to add H1 tags different from names and titles for products, categories, brands, pages and blog posts


    This module allows to use and edit different robots.txt file for each store-front


    The module allows you to optimize images in order to increase the speed of pages loading for your website


    Allows to automatically update images with proper alt and title attributes for SEO purposes


    This module allows to export and import product feature values in separate columns


    This module allows to automatically generate meta info for products, categories and pages using specific templates


    This module integrates Disqus service with your store

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