CS-Cart "Referral Marketing" Add-on

This add-on allows the store administrators to reward the referrals who invited new customers.

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The "Referral Marketing" add-on allows the store administrators to reward the referrers who invited new customers.



- Several reward types (Reward points, Coupon code, Gift certificate)

- Ability to limit referral link live time

- Ability to reward customers invited by the referral link

- Email notifications about rewards

- Social networks sharing


If you want us to adapt this module to old CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor version, please contact us


The installation package will be available for download on the Order detail page

CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor version:
  • 4.0.X
  • 4.1.X
  • 4.2.X
  • 4.3.X
  • 4.4.X
  • 4.5.X
  • 4.6.X
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X
  • 4.10.X
  • 4.11.X
  • 4.12.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.17.X
Good add-on for my business. My sales have increased since I started using this module. Thank you very much eCom Labs.
Very useful add-on for our business. We tried to use it and we liked it very much. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much eCom Labs.
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  • Log in the administration panel and go to the Add-ons -> Manage add-ons page
  • Use the Upload & install add-on button on the top of the page to install the module
  • Make sure that the status of the add-in is Active after the installation is finished

After the installation is completed, click on the add-on name. You will see the list of settings. Here you can specify the amount and type of rewards for the referrer and invited customers.

If the value of the Min orders amount setting is more than 0, the reward will be given to the referrer only after the total cost of products purchased by the invited customer will be more than the specified value. The system will take into account orders with the Processed and Completed order statuses only.

The Max users per link allows to limit the number of invited customers from one link. Once the limit is reached, the referrer or administrator should re-generate the link on the customer profile page.

Also, there is the possibility to limit the number of days during which this link will be active. After expiration the referrer should re-generate the link on his profile page.

The referral links are be generated automatically for each new customer. For the users who were registered earlier, the link can be generated in the following way:

- Administration panel. Go to the Editing profile -> Add-ons page and click on the "+" button in the Referral link section

- Front-end. Go to the Profile details page and use the Generate button on the bottom of the page

The referrer can then publish that referral URL, and will receive reward after the order is placed by a new customer. Note that only Processed and Completed order statuses are considered as finished. All customers, who receive reward, will be notified by e-mail if the Notify customer setting is enabled. The e-mail will be also sent to the e-mail specified as User department e-mail address on the Settings -> Company page. The Notify admin setting should be enabled.

After a visitor clicks a referral link, he will be sent to the page specified in the Location parameter. Target URL can be inner store URL or a dispatch. Leave it empty if you want visitor to be redirected to the Home page

The following reward types are supported by the module. Imagine, that the base currency is USD:

- Coupon. If the reward amount is set to 10, new coupon with the amount of USD 10 will be generated.

- Reward points. If the reward amount is set to 10, this amount of points will be credited to the customer account .

- Gift certificate. If the reward amount is set to 10, new gift certificate with the amount of USD 10 will be generated.