CS-Cart Add-on "Search Improvements"

Extend default search with useful options

This product is electronically distributed.

The "Search Improvements" add-on allows to extend the default CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor search with several useful options


- Define minimum amount of characters for the search input field

- Define product search type for the store-front (All of these words, Any of these words or Exact phrase)

- Define product search type for the admin panel (All of these words, Any of these words or Exact phrase)

- Search products by sku

- Search products by product code of option combinations

- If one product is found, redirect to the product details page

- Search customers by phone

- Search orders by phone

- Ability to track search words entered by the customers


If you want us to adapt this module to old CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor version, please contact us


The installation package will be available for download on the Order detail page


CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor version:
  • 4.0.X
  • 4.1.X
  • 4.2.X
  • 4.3.X
  • 4.4.X
  • 4.5.X
  • 4.6.X
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
  • 4.9.X
  • 4.10.X
  • 4.11.X
  • 4.12.X
  • 4.13.X
  • 4.14.X
  • 4.15.X
  • 4.16.X
  • 4.17.X
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Модуль замечательный, не хватает одного: Поиск по категории.
error in installation:

Table 'cscart_search_key_words' already exists (1050): CREATE TABLE `cscart_search_key_words` ( `key_word_id` mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `key_word` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `timestamp` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `po
Very good! Search was useless, and delivered very few relevant results.
We installed this, it took me less then 2 minutes and immediately everything is improved!
Thank you
Если учесть что модуль раздается бесплатно, то это просто супер. Большое спасибо вашей команде. Тот поиск что дается из коробки не выдерживает никакой критики.
just installed and tried this ext. That really adds great value to cs-cart, but I would like to suggest some improvements.
1)Search by phone: if the phone number was typed by customer like this 123-45-67 you won't get any result if you search 1234. Possibly some improvements can be done to search independently on phone format (e.g. for this particular case: SELECT * FROM cscart_orders WHERE b_phone REGEXP '1[[:punct:]]*2[[:punct:]]*3[[:punct:]]*4' .......)
2) Search products: it's good idea to take into account the morphology of Russian words - e.g quite complicated case endings, plural forms, etc. I will play with phpMorphy, not sure yet how easy it will be
The add on was easy to install but that's about all that I can say on the plus side.

The native search function is more reliable and returns relevant results, while this add on returned arbitrary products and was very confusing so I disabled this add on.

This is my experience and I'm sure others have had a better experience. At least I hope so.
Very Nice addon.
IT works fine and service is great.
A must for a store Owner.
It is a very useful addons, and it is free! eComLabs also provide very good services, thanks a lot.
I had a problem of reherche on my website. search results were very very rough so I bought this addon and it took me 5 minutes to understand, and I managed to have perfect search results.

I'm sorry for my English which is very approximate.

Thank you for this addon
Этот модуль хоть и бесплатный, но уж точно лучше чем штатный поиск. Спасибо! Если CS-Cart не доработает коробочный поиск до того момента, когда на моём сайте он будет достаточно часто использоваться и станет невмоготу, то наверняка куплю "Улучшение Поиска Pro".
Спасибо большое за модуль! Это настоящая находка!
Спасибо, отличное решение))
We absolutely love eCom Labs, as always great work!thanks guys!
It's perfect and work fine
Works great in 4.4.2. The search results in 4.4.2 were awful (admin panel and storefront). With this simple addon, i have more relevant results and it works better in my opinion, as it was working the V3.X search engine i had..
Out of the box cs-cart seach is not good at all. Personally I find useful only title search and not description. Most of paid addons in marketplace offer only exact phrase search and if you type in first and last word of the search you might get some result via ajax brief list (other addons offer this) but after clicking regular search button you get no results found.. This addon eliminates this problem. Another bug free and free addon!
The best addon ever

MUST be nativ to cs-cart

Ecom-labs the best
Один из наиболее необходимых модулей.
Единственный вопрос, совместимость с 4.3.x ?

Здравствуйте. Модуль совместим со всеми 4.3.х версиями CS-Cart и Multi-Vendor

команда eCom Labs
Thanks a lot.
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