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- Lowest possible price

- Free installation service

- 90 days technical support credits

- USD 240 discount on the custom development service

- 3 of our modules for free

- 120 internal support credits

- Additional bonuses are considered individually


Multi-Vendor by CS-Cart is an extended edition of CS-Cart that enables you to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products through one common web store.

Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution for web stores with multiple independent vendors and virtual shopping malls with many separate departments. It incorporates all the features of CS-Cart and provides the multi-vendor functionality allowing different vendors to sell and manage their own products in a common storefront.

Интеграция с 1С
- Для интеграции необходимо использовать версию 8.2 «1С:Предприятие» и CS-Cart не ниже версии 4.0.1.
- Обмен данными интернет-магазина с платформой «1С: Предприятие» осуществляется с помощью стандартной функции «Обмен с сайтом» в формате CommerceML.
- Запуск обмена данными может быть вручную или автоматически (по расписанию).
- Автоматическая выгрузка каталога товаров из 1С на сайт осуществляется с учетом разделов и подразделов номенклатуры, наименования, краткого и полного описания, производителя, свойств, характеристик, типов цен, спец предложений, изображений.
- Создание отбора при выгрузке на сайт: возможна как полная выгрузка, так и только тех объектов, которые изменялись.
- Автоматическая загрузка в 1С с сайта заказов клиентов и контрагента, участвующего в заказе.
- Индикация в 1С процесса выгрузки, контроль ошибок.
- Автоматическое обновление остатков и цен на товары из 1С.
- Минимальная нагрузка на сервер благодаря импорту/экспорту данных частями.
- Посмотреть все возможности обмена данными с 1С

Способы оплаты
- Включает основные способы онлайн оплаты: электронные деньги, кредитные карты и др.
- Доступна оплата через терминалы, салоны связи, банковские переводы, Почту РФ и др.
- Система интегрирована со множеством платежных сервисов: PayMaster, Яндекс.Деньги, RBK Money, ПлатиДома, QIWI, Webmoney, Assist, Robokassa, Сбербанк.
- Возможность оплаты товаров в кредит с помощью сервисов YesCredit, «Всё в кредит», «Купи в Кредит».
- Посмотреть все способы оплаты.

Доставка товара
- Расчет стоимости и срока доставки в режиме реального времени на странице оформления заказа.
- Расчет производится исходя из веса товара и пункта назначения.
- Доставка в любой населенный пункт России и 230 стран мира.
- Интеграция с Почтой России, EMS Russian Post и ведущими российскими и мировыми службами доставки с помощью модуля eDost.

- Символ рубля.
- Российская валюта устанавливается по умолчанию.
- Синхронизация курса валюты с ЦБ РФ.

Инструменты маркетинга и продвижения
- Автоматический экспорт товаров в каталоги сервисов поиска и подбора товаров Яндекс.Маркет и Товары
- Веб-аналитика в вашем интернет-магазине от Яндекс.Метрики.
- Быстрые email и sms рассылки по вашей базе клиентов с помощью сервиса UniSender.
- Возможность авторизации клиентов через популярные соцсети ВКонтакте, Facebook и сервисы Яндекс, Google, Rambler и др.


Complete ready-to-use web store package

Web-based installation wizard & store configuration

100% open source code

Intuitive administration panel

Bulk uploading of categories, products and images

Full import and export of product/user/order/language databases in CSV format

No programming knowledge required for installation and setting up

50/100 support credits



Translated into 8 languages (some translations are partial)

Easy addition of new languages

Configurable currency symbols

Configurable measurement units

Configurable list of countries/states/provinces

Ability to switch date and time formats


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Custom meta keywords and description for product, category and content pages

Generation of HTML catalog of static product and category pages

Site map generation

Breadcrumb trail


Design & Layout

100% template driven storefront and admin panel

Easy integration to match current design

Fully customizable design & layout

Extensive usage of AJAX technologies, minimizing screen refreshes

Category/product thumbnails and detailed images

One-page checkout

Design blocks

Visual language variables editor

Catalog page

Mini-cart available on all pages

Addition of custom content pages via administration interface

Built-in template editor

Changing storefront and admin logos via administration interface

Debug console: displays a tree of templates for all pages


Product Catalog Features

Unlimited number of products/categories

Product cloning

Unlimited category nesting

Bulk product/category management

Ability to assign products to multiple categories

Featured products list and cross selling

Digital delivery system

Configurable products

Quantity discounts

Discount coupons

Membership based access to every category


Product Details

Unlimited product options w/optional surcharges

Various display types for product options

HTML enriched product descriptions

Related products list

Customers also bought list

Unlimited product images

Product large image popup


Marketing & Promotional Tools

E-mail/postal gift certificates

Product filters

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Featured/Related products, cross selling

Ability to set up variety of promotions

Product reviews and ratings

One-page checkout


Reward points addon

Ability to add tags




Full product stock control

Low-stock notifications

Wholesale trade

Ability to set minimal order amount

'List Price' and 'Our Price' options

Enabling/disabling product inventory control

Extended import/export of product database


Shipping & Tax

FedEx, USPS, DHL, Australia Post & Canada Post real-time calculations

Customizable shipping surcharges

Unlimited custom delivery methods

Unlimited custom-defined destinations

Shipping restriction by location

Free shipping option

Drop shipping

Flexible shipping customization (based on the number of items, weight or order amount)

Customers can choose delivery methods

Customizable tax calculation

Product-specific taxes

'Tax exempt' feature


Payment Gateways & Methods

Full list of offline payment methods: Checks, purchase orders, phone orders and others

Real-time credit card processing: 50+ integrated payment systems

Ability to create new payment methods


Web-based Administration Panel

Easy and quick addition of multiple items (products, categories, static pages, etc)

File browser and template editor use AJAX technologies

Ability to configure every aspect of ecommerce site in real time

Integrated database backup/restore tool

Flexible organization of webshop informational part

Unlimited number of admin accounts

Multiple levels of administrative access

Ability to act on behalf of other users

Ability to collect statistical data

IP-based access restrictions

Integrated webmail system

SMS notifications


Customer Care

Integrated configurable store search

Search filters

Password reminder for customers

Customers can view order history

Customer memberships and special pricing

Membership based access to the informational part of the store

'Continue shopping' and 'Clear cart' buttons

Printable invoices

'Wish list' feature

'Feature comparison' option

Customer can edit product options directly in the cart



Full HTTPS/SSL support

Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access

Secure HTTPS/SSL checkout, login and customer profile pages

Customer passwords are MD5 encrypted in database

Password-protected administrative access

Automated periodical requests for administrative password changes

Passwords are always checked for security


Repeat Customer Accommodation

Shopping cart content is stored in database

Each customer can have unlimited number of profiles

Registered customers can edit their account details at any time

Registered customers can view their order history


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor are highly customizable ecommerce solutions. If your business has some specific feature requirements, eCom Labs team is ready to help you customize your websiteso it will satisfy all of your business needs.

CS-Cart Lifetime $345 Buy at the lowest price
CS-Cart Ultimate Lifetime $775 Buy at the lowest price
Multi-Vendor Lifetime $1250 Buy at the lowest price
Ready storefront
Website content management
Unlimited number of products
and categories
Multiple storefronts
Unlimited number of storefronts
Downloadable products
Product options and variants
Built-in add-ons 50+ 50+ 50+
Product filters Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic inventory control
Real-time shipping rate estimation
Online payment gateways
One-page checkout
Marketing and promotion tools
Membership levels and access permission rules
Bonus system and customer loyalty rewards
Multi-channel retailing
Search Engine Friendly URLs
Return merchandise authorization
Multiple languages
Multiple currencies
Multiple product suppliers
Separate admin panel for vendors
Vendors can use own shipping methods
Product option combination exceptions
"Powered by CS-Cart..." link can be altered or removed
Shipment management
Ebay synchronization add-on
Facebook commerce
Admin mobile app
Free technical support 30 credits 30 days 90 days
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This is a lifetime Multi-Vendor Plus license. Multi-Vendor Plus features all the functions that the standard Multi-Vendor has, plus 7 exclusive functions: