Database of wine distributors and importers

A project that was developed mainly for non-commercial purposes. The main idea is to join wine-producers and suppliers in one place.

All over the world


  • 1. Freedom for design creation.
  • 2. Usage of different methods of users’ interaction in the site.
  • 3. Convenient process of viewing all the necessary information (wines, winemakers and suppliers).
  • 4. Modern technologies.
  • 5. Professional work for SEO optimization.

What was done

We have launched a marketplace from scratch. It is a database for finding producers and suppliers of wines around the world.

An individual UX/UI design was developed.

License: CS-Cart Multivendor

Quick start. Different vendors on the same platform.

1. Analysis

Different projects were analyzed, we saw all their pros and cons and used the best practice.

It was decided to make the site as user-friendly as possible.

For these reasons we added a group of interested wine-producing companies to special chat. We needed feedback from them.

Later, wine suppliers, who were looking for wine producers, were also involved.

The project functionality was worked out based on user feedback and messages.

The winemakers’ base is the most important element of this site.

2. Profile

The vendor panel has been completely transformed, it has become user-friendly and intuitive, any vendor can fill in the information easily and transform the appearance of their storefront.

This is a really valuable changes.

Moreover, the percentage of online profile occupancy was added. This indicator defines the bonus user will get. It might be additional month for viewing the supplier database, also it defines whether certain fields will be displayed or not.


3. User’s chat

Users need operational solutions of tasks and information. For that reasons special chat was integrated.

4. Favourites

Any item can be added to favorites. It was made for users’ convenience. It makes easier to find the thing you like and saw before.

5. A huge database of suppliers

The purpose of this project: to collect suppliers’ and producers’ database (with all possible contact details), easy search and partners’ interaction.

The database was compiled based on user requests, taking into account their wishes, a lot of work has been done to implement this idea

Additional functionality makes viewing even more convenient.

One of the tasks is to keep the monetization of this project, so copy protection was installed. You can view the database in demo mode, but after the limit expires, you must register.

6. Export/import

Different kind of imports, exports and parsers were created. It was made for the process automation working with the catalog and the supplier database

Imports in xml format, csv database of suppliers, goods for wineries.

Export data from your personal account, export favorites (products, records in the database of suppliers, winemakers).

7. Product and vendor card.

The manufacturer's card has been expanded for convenient viewing of information. You can find brief information about the manufacturer, address, logo, description, contact information and there is a possibility of making copy.

Most importantly, there is autocomplete of the city, region and sub-region. Thus, the user can find the necessary product even in the sub-region.

8. SEO Optimization and Google PageSpeed

Technical analysis, usability analysis and commercial factors analyses of the site were carried out, the semantic core was collected, as a result, the weaknesses were identified and transformed.

We also created SEO links for each selected filter, worked with images, wrote metatags for pages.

Increased the site speed.

Labor and Result:


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Quick launch


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