A concept store of brand items

A concept store founded in 2019. It provides Re-sales and Trade-in services for brand items.

Started with sales in Russia, now scaled the business to the international level.

The assortment includes more than 2000 positions of European brands, including exclusive items from limited collections.

All over the world


  • 1. Clothes and shoes.
  • 2. Simple and modern design.
  • 3. Maximum automation of the process of working with store managers.
  • 4. The most convenient search.
  • 5. Convenient process of selling and tracking clothes.
  • 6. Modern technologies.
  • 7. Professional SEO work.

What was done

1. Online store development from scratch.

Online store development from scratch with individual UX/UI design

License: CS-Cart Standard

Quick start, thousands of products to download, over 500 functions already in the box

2. Loyalty program that works

A unique loyalty system has been developed: when client pays for an order with a bank card on the site, bonus points are awarded. The user can spend it in offline and online stores. A special third-party service has been integrated into CS-Cart.

3. A news page that catches your attention

As a result of analysis and research, a targeted, functional, attractive design for news pages was created. It attracts attention and excites the perception of news reading.

It can be edited through the administration panel.

Special fonts and banners were chosen for this page.

4. +210% traffic

«Abandoned cart»

It was important to reduce percentage of abandoned carts. Trigger communication was worked out (the chain of e-mails "abandoned basket" is configured).

As a part of this campaign, a whole letter chain was sent:

«Reminder — urgency — special offer».

Traffic growth was +210%.

5. Sale on other trading platforms

The customer decided to increase sales through new channels and new online platforms.

Task: sales synchronization.

Main additional channels:

  • Garmentory
  • Yandex market
  • Instagram shopping
  • Facebook shop

What was done:

  • Categories and products upload
  • Daily balance update (if the product was sold on the website)
  • If the product was purchased on the alternative trading platforms, the balances on online-shop will be updated.

The result: precise work, sales increase due to scaling

6. Server response rate

SQL queries and HTML code were optimized, which had a positive effect on the response speed from the server.

7. CRM system integration

It was decided to integrate amoCRM for more convenient order processing and interaction with the buyer.

  • When the client places an order, he is automatically sent to amoCRM.
  • If an order is placed on the website, it is also automatically created in the amoCRM database When the status/composition of the order changes, the data also comes to CS-Cart.
  • Result: clear mutual accounting, each client is taken into account and important.

8. Hand over things is much easier now

Online-shop spin4spin not only sell the clothes, but also buy brand items. As a result of web analysis, it was noticed that many clients -resellers "fall off" at the stage of filling in application. It became clear that this stage is inconvenient and something needs to be changed.

A brainstorming session was held, the process was changed, a unique functionality for clothes receiving was developed. The process became convenient. The number of applications was increased by 30%.

9. From the red zone to the green one. Speed up

The online store got into the red zone according to Google PageSpeed criteria.

Task: to optimize online-shop and bring the online store to the green zone.

What was done:

  • It was work with JavaScript code. It allowed us to solve a number of problems pointed out by GooglePageSpeed
  • Working out the delayed loading of images, which made the page weight less and had a positive effect on speed
  • Changing image formats. Standard PNG and JPG were replaced with WEBP automatically.

The result: without reducing functionality, the site was placed in the green zone.


Labor and Result:

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