A new marketplace that is ready for launch.

Oblak is a marketplace, where you can buy different items in one place throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • 1. To make the vendor's interface more convenient.
  • 2. Make vendor information more interactive.
  • 3. Make some changes in design.
  • 4. Make vendor registration more convenient.

What was done

The marketplace has been prepared for the launch from scratch

License: CS-Cart Multivendor

Quick start. Different vendors on the same platform

1. New authorization form

A new authorization form for vendors has been added, after which the vendor goes to the product creation page automatically.

The process is simplified and attracts more users.

2. Vendor achievements

Vendor achievement system. The points are displayed on the vendor's micro store, as well as in his product cards. The gamification element attracts the users and increases their loyalty.

3. Mandatory characteristics

Some product characteristics are made mandatory. Admin can add this function.

So it is impossible to create/save changes without filling in the mandatory characteristics of the product.

This makes a single structure, all product cards have these necessary characteristics, it is easier to compare them.

4. The opportunity to fill in characteristics when creating a product

The ability to set the product characteristics when it is created (according to the standard, it is possible only when editing). This makes the process much easier and faster.

Labor and Result:

Ready for launch


Quick launch


Growth guarantee


Satisfied customer
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