Online store "Legionary" - a classic store for selling clothes and shoes in the style of military on the basis of CS-Cart

About project

The design of the previous store was obsolete and not adaptive, navigation was poor. Because of this, the store's conversion gradually declined. Therefore, the main task was to create and integrate a simple and convenient design that will allow the customer to quickly find the necessary thing, examine information about it and place an order. Of course, the design had to be adaptive and take into account modern trends.

During the creation of the design, we conducted an analysis of the target audience of the store and analysis of the competitors' shops to identify the strengths. As a result, we achieved the desired result and launched the project.

When developing the project, a large number of various interesting modules were integrated. The following can be distinguished:


According to the user's IP, the script determines its location, and the customer moves to the corresponding storefront with the data for its region. Information about the region and the city is further used on the order registration page so that the buyer does not have to enter this data manually.

Checkout process

The page for placing an order is as simple as possible and contains only 2 steps:

  • - Choosing a shipping method and specify the shipping address
  • - Choosing a payment method and entering contact information

In this case, the set of fields for input is minimal, which makes the work of the customer with the ordering quick and convenient.

Loyalty program

This module allows in automatic mode to increase the percentage of discount users when reaching a certain threshold of the amount of purchases. This allows you to motivate customers and does not create an additional burden for the store administrator.

SEO filters

This module allows you to create separate pages for your product categories and selected filter options with your meta data, URL, title and description. From the point of view of the SEO, the presence of such pages positively affects the traffic, which is happening now. The monthly increase in store visitors is approximately 5%.


The customer can easily filter the goods by color and size, which are the options of the products, and in the received list of goods choose the one that suits him/her. This significantly speeds up the process of finding the right product, which is very important in modern Internet trading.


It is very important for the seller to have feedback from users on their products. But the customer reluctantly leaves feedback, because its main goal is the purchase of goods. The module developed by us allows, in an automatic mode, a few days after the purchase of the product by the buyer to send him a message requesting to leave feedback about the product.

All work on the project was divided into the following stages:

Creating design sketches
Integration of design and development of modules
Import catalog, customers, reviews and SEO links
Start the store

Separately, we can distinguish the work of the store and the automation program of the warehouse "Moy Sklad".

In CS-Cart there is a default module that carries out the process of data exchange between the store and the "Moy Sklad" system. This module allows you to take information about the goods from the warehouse program to the store, and send back the data about the orders. But standard functionality was not enough.


  • - Often synchronize amount of products provided that there will be a large number of positions
  • - Synchronize order data in both directions.

Therefore I had to use the API of the "Moy Sklad" system and implement data exchange methods for all necessary processes. As a result, we received a bunch of online store + warehouse program, which almost in real time synchronized all the necessary data.

Labor and Result:


Development Hours


Growth of attendance per month


Increase in conversion


Satisfied customer
Reviews from Ishimova Ljubov

We chose eCom Labs from the list of developers because of the excellent customer service. The project manager immediately bribed with competence, this is the rare case when a good programmer is also a manager. This greatly simplified our difficult task. It's nice when for 15-30 minutes on Skype you can solve many complex issues.

I would like to note the clarity and professionalism of employees. Moving to a new engine of a large enough site, this is not an easy matter, who has survived, he understands. But we coped with eCom Labs in a reasonable time. Quickly drawn and approved the design, agreed on the functional and work plan. Very pleased that the solution of any technical problem after the joint brain storms has always been and where it somehow fits into the budget of the project.

Definitely I can recommend these guys as developers for all ambitious projects. I wish the eCom Labs team the best of luck and new interesting tasks.

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