Online store of the author's cosmetics by Elena Krygina.

Online store of the author's cosmetics by Elena Krygina. This is a complex approach to beauty sphere: decorative cosmetics, skincare cosmetics, beauty salon, cosmetologists’ services.

The project is not only an online cosmetics store, but there are also separate pages for a beauty salon where you can make an appointment with the necessary specialist.

Cosmetics, service


  • 1. Launch an online store from scratch.
  • 2. Convenient and simple purchase process.
  • 3. Informative mini product card.
  • 4. Easy replacement of promo banners.
  • 5. Realistic product reserve.
  • 6. Krygina box.
  • 7. Modern technologies.

What was done

1. We launched an online store from scratch.

License: CS-Cart Standard

Quick start, the ability to download thousands of products, more than 500 functions are already in the box

2. Fixed site header

Header fixed on the top so that the buyer always had the opportunity to get into the basket.

3. Add to Cart

We chose minimalistic and modern way of notification. When the user add a product to the cart, he doesn’t get a notification, but the button “add to cart” changes its color and name to “checkout”, when you click it, you will get to cart immediately.

4. Mini product card

The ability to scroll through product photos in mini card, without going to its detailed page, shopping cart.

This saves the buyer's time, makes it possible to understand whether this product is suitable

5. Advertising banners in categories

We got a task: Admin should be able to edit banners in product categories. We added such function to the administrative panel.

It's convenient and easy.

6. Short reserve and auto-cleaning of abandoned carts

The Krygina store has a lot of customers and goods that are expected or sold out in a short period of time.

We developed a new system of goods reserve, so that two different buyers could not add the last copy of a certain product to the cart. The quantity of the product is reduced even at the time of adding the product to the cart.

Surely, we understand, that some users move the product to the cart and abandon it, so we added automatic cart cleaning if the user is not active for some period of time.

7. Krygina box

Our customer, sells not only cosmetics, but also special «krygina box». It a set of several products, this set is different from month to month.

Our client gave us a task: it must be easy to fill this box, there would be different products with their own brands, name, description.

To fulfill this task, we have developed a unique display template on the storefront, and made a functional menu settings for krygina box in the admin panel.

8. Price list for a beauty salon

We developed the essence of the "Procedure” in admin panel for the Krygina Studio section. It is convenient to fill in the price list for all services provided by the studio.

You can specify the category, name, description, lead time and price for the service.

It is the form of a smoothly drop-down block in the storefront.

Admin panel

Labor and Result:


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