Marketplace, aggregator of sections for children

Marketplace, aggregator of sections in Moscow. Catalog of classes, studios for children. Additional development of the child. Comparison of classes, clubs and sections.

Education for children


  • 1. Place sections, courses, classes on the map.
  • 2. The opportunity for the buyer to submit an application.
  • 3. Add the "Show on map" button to the product card.
  • 4. Seller's schedule for a specific courses.
  • 5. Discount certificates.
  • 6. Promo for certain products.

What was done

1. The user's location determination

IP via the Google maps service.

The following fields were added to the product card: country, city, coordinates (selection on the map or manually).

According to these coordinates and the determination of the user's location, a "Closer-further" distance filter was developed

2. The map with all courses

It is a very convenient and functional modification. For parents’ convenience, a separate page with map has been developed. All products are displayed there. You can select categories and filters.

The name and schedule of sections are displayed in the product markers on the map. So you can choose courses that are suitable by subject, age, price, and even by schedule, located in a convenient place (next to work, school, kindergarten, etc.).

3. Promo certificates

It is one more sales promotion method.

The seller can create a discount certificate for a specific product card. The certificate is verified by the site administrator. The buyer gets a code or QR code after purchasing the certificate. There is a separate page for certificate check. Also there will be certificate purchase history.

4. Promotion

Services for the product card promotion. A vendor/seller can easily and quickly purchase advertisements for the product for a specific period of time.

He can set the display order of promoted product cards in the add-on settings. The five promoted products are shown in this order.

There is also a separate service “highlight a product card or background”. The color is selected in the add-on settings. It distinguishes the product and makes it more attractive to the buyer.

5. «Register for the course» button

This button was added in the product card. This facilitates and automates the process. After clicking the button, the pop-up appears, the buyer should fill in the information. The seller receives a letter about a new record, so new leads appear.

There is a list of buyer data in the seller’s account.

6. Class schedule

The ability to create a class schedule in the product card is added. Based on it, a filter is created in the category, by days of the week, by time of day: morning, lunch, evening.

The schedule is displayed in the product card.

Based on it, a filter is created in the category, by days of the week, by time of day: morning, lunch, evening.

Labor and Result:


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