A major marketplace in New Zealand

Unixmo. A major marketplace in New Zealand. The project has a large number of different sellers, there are a lot of car dealers. You can also post or view a job on the site. There are both used items and new ones.

New Zealand


  • 1. Simple and modern design.
  • 2. Simple interface for vendor.
  • 3. Easy import of goods from price lists.
  • 4. Simple product/car creation process.
  • 5. Vendor should have a lot of management opportunities.
  • 6. Protection against unnecessary vendors registration.

What was done

1. UX/UI design

An individual UX/UI design was developed and integrated

2. Vendor can add car for sale in 2 clicks

It is enough to enter the VIN number and all other characteristics will be added automatically. This reduces the time of filling in all the fields. It makes the process more convenient and faster. The possibility of filling in manually remained.

3. Everyone can be a vendor

After registration, an ordinary user becomes a vendor and can start selling the products. Special registration is not needed. But you need to understand the functionality and capabilities are different according to vendor plan.

4. NO - Bots!

Cases of unnecessary vendors (bots) registration have become more frequent. To avoid this, account confirmation has become mandatory.

5. The placement period can expire.

Each ad has a specific placement period. After it expires, the ad disappears, however, the vendor can easily update it. It does not require any special effort, time and labor costs.

6. A convenient and informative dashboard

The user's dashboard, where you can see: sales, orders, auctions he won, last viewed products, comparison list, favorites list. It displays the vendor's actions in detail and clearly

7. A system for vacancies’ publishing and responding to them

The customer decided to post information about vacancies. Now you can find a job on the site and respond to it. The vacancy is posted as a product, but the user does not buy a unit, he responds to it.

8. Can add item without vendor panel

There is an ability to add goods for sale from the showcase. Vendor can download the product without entering the vendor panel. This procedure is simple and has several stages.

Firstly, fill in the product name, category, image, description, then specify the payment methods, price. Also choose whether the product will be sold in the usual way or through an auction (in this case it is necessary to specify the initial bid).

9. Advanced features

Additional settings were added to vendor plans. It expanded the functionality of the vendor group. It is possible to make synchronization with an account from Shopify, display a microstore, show a seller rating. This attracts more buyers and inspires confidence among users.

10. Convenient import

For convenient import from vendors' price lists new functionality was implemented. Now everything is as simple as possible, the vendor fills in an xml file according to the sample (name, quantity, price) and the goods are automatically unloaded

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