"DOHOME"- modern online furniture store, built on CS-Cart software

About the project

We began to work with DOHOME in 2019. It is a progressive and result-oriented client. The owner had only offline, but successful business. He knew what he wanted for 100 %.

We got the task to develop online-shop, which will be in TOP in search engine.


DOHOME is one of the largest furniture retailer in Russia. They’ve worked since 2020. This company offers furniture from leading European, Asian and Russian manufactures. Moreover, they can create exclusive interior solutions for your design.


  • — Develop online-store
  • — Simple and modern design
  • — Max automation
  • — Max convenient goods search
  • — Informative product card
  • — Modern technologies
  • — SEO optimization


CMS- CS-Cart — optimal solution for e-commerce.

Work stages:

Preliminary stage

  1. Debriefing. Set the tasks and aims.
  2. The company’s analyses, its advantages, products/services, market positioning, product portfolio

Competitive analysis

  1. Online stores (TOP 10 and less popular competitors) were audited. The most successful and efficient solutions were identified; unsuccessful options were noted.
  2. Focus group interview was held. The purpose: identify clients’ needs, understand their problems. A detailed topic guide was prepared for this research. A professional moderator fulfilled this task.

Recommendations for new site

  1. Based on the data obtained, business processes, site logics, (blocks, pages) were determined, the online-store project was created.
  2. The design layout was drawn, then design was integrated.


We added the Stories format to the home page, which increased the visitor engagement. Interesting format provided more business opportunities.

Due to this function, the client could get the answers to the FAQ already on the home page. It really saves time.


Menu became more multifunctional and convenient. We added horizontal menu, which is placed in one line in the zone of increased attention. Our customer has a wide product range. That’s why for better visualization icons for product groups were added.

Goods’ comparison

It is always difficult to make a choice. To make it easier, function of goods’ comparison was added. Client can compare different parameters of a particular product unit and make an informed decision. It increased the usability.


It is proved that 70% of people read reviews before buying. We optimized its demonstration so that the client can immediately see people’s opinion. It’s increased the purchase possibility.

Product card

First of all, ideal card should make the client want to buy the product and eliminate all questions. With regard to these requirements, we designed the card.

Mini card

It is extended, so that the buyer can immediately, without entering to the product card, understand whether this product is suitable for him (photo, overall dimensions, price, quantity in stock).


It is extended and as convenient as possible. It provides detailed information about the product. Moreover, this block displays the estimated delivery cost, also payment information. It allows you to choose:

  • — the desired color;
  • — size;
  • — material.

You can add an item to the cart from anywhere on the product card. The block with the " buy " button remains stationary when scrolling through the characteristics.

For more optimal configuration product card was modified in admin panel.

Checkout page

A convenient checkout page that allows you to place an order quickly. Necessary information is required only. Due to DaData service, while filling in the form, autosuggestion appears.

Additional changes.

  • — To automate working process with catalogue, all kinds of imports and export, parsers were created.
  • — Different reports were developed.
  • — Advanced products’ filters and tag blocks were developed. It was made for search optimization.

SEO Optimization

  1. The company works throughout Russia. Product catalog, prices, promotions in some regions are different. Therefore, it was decided to create subdomains for the main cities. Simple management is a must.

    There is no need to duplicate products, categories, blocks, etc. for each subdomain. However, contact information, H1, breadcrumbs, metadata and some other information are different for them. For this aim there is block for city selection.

  2. The extended brand pages and sales with products categories (each category has its own H1, metadata) were created in order to increase the link weight of the site, make navigation and search easier and more convenient.

  3. Snippets for various objects have been added in order to increase the click-through rate and make results in search engines more presentable.
  4. The ability to create various templates for defining H1 and metadata for various objects (products, categories, SEO pages, just pages, etc.) was added for easy management. It made possible to fill in the characteristics and goods’ properties automatically. By the way, the customer has 10,000 assortment items.
  5. SEO pages were created for positive traffic dynamics. This allowed to create separate pages with their own metadata, URL, title and description for product categories and selected filters.
  6. To increase the speed of response from the server: optimization of SQL queries and HTML code was carried out.


Отдельно отметим: оптимизацию в соответствии с критериями GooglePAGE SPEED.

Online shop hit the red zone. The task was: to move it to green one.


Optimization was carried out according to GooglePageSpeed criteria.

CSS and fonts
  • — We got rid of unnecessary CSS code and did not load styles that were not used on this page, but were necessary for other pages of the site.
  • — We loaded parts of CSS and HTML code through lazy loading, especially for blocks that take much time to load.
  • — Minified CSS.
  • — Preloaded fonts
JavaScript code
  • — Instead of JavaScript, we used more often HTML5 tags.
  • — Minified JavaScript
  • — Moved out all JavaScript code, as low as possible in the sourcecode of the page.
  • — Made lazy scripts loading.
Images and other objects
  • — • PNG and JPG image formats were replaced by WEBP for those browsers that support it.
  • — We used lazy loading for images that were in pop-ups or on the second and next page screens, ie. in an invisible area.
  • — We used maximum image compression. It's not a secret that the same picture can weigh 1Mb and 300Kb, while the quality is the same. 1MB picture has in its binary code a lot of unnecessary things that have nothing to do with the image itself, for example, information about the author, date of last modification, etc. So: we DO NOT NEED all these things. "Light" pictures are in priority.
  • — Lazy loading was used for iframe, video, audio, javascript and other similar objects

We would like to note that we avoided excessive nesting of tags in the HTML code.


It became possible to avoid errors on blocking resources and unused CSS code on the page.


  • Hours of development
  • 490% Traffic growth
  • 120% Conversion
  • 100% Satisfied client
Reviews from Damir

It is a pleasure to work with eCom Labs. Everything is clear and on time. We developed an online store from scratch and this year we made rebranding. I would like to highlight the job of Andrew Golobokov. He is a real expert in e-commerce, really motivated and customer-oriented. Andrew offers extremely effective solutions. He immediately understands what will be efficient and what will not.

For additional development, we turn only to eCom Labs. The reason is simple: I am sure for 100 % that everything will be at the highest level.

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