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Chinese tea shop DaoChai.ru. For true tea connoisseurs. It is presented both in traditional retail in Moscow and in the online store. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia. There is a whole community of lovers of real quality tea.

Chinese tea


  • 1. Choice of product packages.
  • 2. Adding goods with different packaging to the cart.
  • 3. Bonuses for customer reviews.
  • 4. Admin response to customer reviews
  • 5. Site synchronization with 1C program:
    • - 2-way orders transfer, where all goods will be with different packaging
    • - unloading goods from 1C to the site
    • - two-way user transfer
    • - balances update on the site from 1C by warehouses on the site.
  • 6. Taste charts of goods. Display descriptors by flavors.

What we did

1.Choice of product packages.

The buyer can add the same product, but with different packages. This packing data is taken from product features that are unloaded from 1C. You can choose the necessary packing and quantity in the product card, after that you can add it to the cart. This facilitates selection, purchase and accounting

2. Graphs of flavors and descriptors.

Our customer is sensitive to tea and its flavors. He decided to visualize tastes to make the choice easier to customers.

Previously, we jointly thought out how can we display such charts on the site. Then, two chart layouts were prepared: line and circle chart. After that, we integrated the layout on the site.

The graph is formed with accordance to product parameters and features. Initially it is in svg format than transfers to jpg and finally, displays in the product card on the site.

Further, the pictures are being saved when unloading goods from 1C according to certain characteristics of tastes and descriptors.

3. Availability of goods at a specific address

On the checkout page, when selecting the pick-up point, there is a check for the availability of goods at this address, if there are not enough goods, a notification is displayed that the delivery will take much more time due to the need to move them from another warehouse.

The buyer can choose another pick up point or just wait.

It is important for our customer to inform the buyer about the delivery time, take care of him

4. Detailed page about sales-assistants

In such a niche store, the professionalism of sales managers, their help in choosing a product are very important. As our customer described, clients even specify which consultant is currently working in the shop. That’s why it was important to add consultants rating, reviews describing their work, store options and working schedule of consultants.

5. Promo points for reviews

Product reviews stimulate purchases, 90% of customers study them before buying.

In order to motivate customers to leave feedback, it was decided to add promo points for such action. Administrator has a right to add points for it.

Moreover, the buyer can pay for the purchase by these points.

6. Review visualization and feedback

A review with pictures is much more attractive, so it was decided to add the ability to upload a picture to the review. However, as you know, users can upload photos of various formats, that is why the site speed may drop significantly.

Therefore, large images are converted to a reduced file size by reducing the width and height.

So that the client can read fresh reviews first, we added:

- a list of recent reviews on the category page

- a separate page with reviews

The administrator can respond to reviews, as feedback is important.

7. The ability to select a specific store

You can see what products are available when selecting the store address. It makes easier to find the necessary unit, the client immediately understands where and what assortment is available.

8. 1C and the site synchronization through a separate upload:

goods, warehouses, orders, buyers.

The ability to transfer all orders from 1C, update and supplement them, with accordance to different packages.

Labor and Result:


Development Hours


Growth of attendance per month


Increase in conversion


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