Tell me WHY? or Abandoned cart. The reasons.

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Tell me WHY? or Abandoned cart. The reasons.

Tell me WHY? or Abandoned cart. The reasons.

You have a wonderful online shop, good photos, some promo.
Many people always choose the items, but unfortunately do not buy them. They just abandon their carts. The question why? Today we are going to investigate this point. 
Sometimes the reason is simple: someone just distracted clients’ attention: a child, a phone call, an urgent message and so on.  The solution is also simple: just gently remind the client about the abandoned cart via e-mail. Actually, CS-CART has such default function. 

However, sometimes the reasons can be more serious. Let’s look at them. 

1. Delivery costs are too high, the delivery is too long

delivery for online-shop

Surely most people will prefer free delivery. Of course, we understand that sometimes it is impossible.  But nevertheless, please monitor the delivery companies, their prices. Shipping cost rates should not be too high. 

Moreover, sometimes people are not ready to wait for so long, that can be the reason, why they quit their purchase and start searching for quicker delivery.

2. Registration is a must

agressive sale

We should collect as much information about the clients as possible. It will give more opportunities to attract them, to make them loyal in future. (e-mail marketing, loyalty program, special promotion etc).
BUT!!! It is necessary for you, not for the client. Usually he doesn’t want to add private information, register, he just wants to buy and go. Give him opportunity to buy without account creation.
Do not increase the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Be more flexible. 

3.Payment terms

payment terms for online shop

Nowadays there are lots of payment systems. You should have a lot of them in your online shop. 
Imagine. The client is ready to pay, he takes his card and Ooopps… He can’t find preferred method.
The result: he abandons his cart and goes to the competitor, who has this payment method he needs. 

4. Just to have a look

a man with binoculars

Some people visit your store in order to compare prices, look at the products you have. 
Sometimes they do not have any intention to buy. Or they want to buy, but later.

5. Checkout process is too complicated.

If the client achieves the last stage, he is ready to buy. Checkout process should be easy, smooth and fast. Do NOT make it complicated. Or the impatient client will abandon the cart and go away. 

6. Coupon code

coupon code for online-shop

Surprisingly, but there is one unusual reason. Coupon Codes.
People like to save money. They adore different special coupon codes. For this reason, they abandon cart and start searching these offers. If they do not find them, they just cancel their purchase. So bear in mind, if you have coupon code button, make the search easy. 

So If your shopping cart abandonment rate is high, find, analyze the reason and eliminate it. 
In any case do not forget to remind your clients about abandon carts. GENTLY!!!


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