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Stripe connect

Stripe connect

Stripe connect - a really successful startup. Millions of companies use it to accept payments, hold them, send payouts.
Stripe is really popular within online-shops. Moreover, its API is easy-to-use.
There are a lot of advantages of this payment system.
Unfortunately, you can’t use it worldwide as a business unit, but it is available in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries.  

geography of stripe connect

Nowadays set up stripe connect for CS-Cart internet shops is a really popular task.
Our IT-guys do it really fast and professionally.  
What we do:

  1. Investigate your problem
  2. Set up Stripe
  3. Make instruction
  4. Answer all the questions

Stripe connect Integration  cs-cart

What opportunities gives Stripe:

  • Convenient payments
  • Payouts for vendors
  • Holding
  • Subscriptions (allow you to charge a customer on a regular basis).

Need an integration with Stripe? Ask us.


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