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Ho-Ho- now it is a popular greeting. Hope, it doesn't irritate you.:)

Surely, this year was really challenging. BUT, nevertheless, Christmas can be merry.

So the main question: Have you bought all the presents?! Hope, yes.

And the next-the most important e-commerce question: Are you ready for After Christmas sale???

Just get some useful tips from us.



Do not make prices too low. It can get your clients used to your drastically-lowered prices and devalue your brand .


2. Easy return policy:

Do you know that most people won't buy anything  if they do not find information about return policy on the site, or it is not transparent.


Moreover, there is a great possibility, that they won't buy items, if they need to pay for return shipping.


3, Social media 

They should be a bit Christmassy. It is a good idea to change the cover image, include some special posts  Be creative!

christmas sale for online shop

4. Vouchers 

Offer them. They can be used in future. As a result, many clients will return to the shop.


5. FREE shipping.

It's a good idea to offer free shipping. Just look at statistics: according to BigCommerce research study 84% of respondents made a purchase from an online retailer because it offered free shipping. Yes, we insist on it: use this idea.

free shipping for christmas sale

6. What about your memory?)

Believe, most clients have good memory. That's why, be aware of any offers that you have already made to customers. For example, you had special presents or loyalty program or shipping conditions before Christmas. Be sure, that you fulfill all your promises.


7. Finally: Happy Holidays! 

May all your dreams come true! It's time to relax. 


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