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Make your content RICH

Make your content RICH

Which product (in case of the same features, brand and price) will the client buy? 
    1) A product, that has one photo, brief description 
    2) A product, that has several photos, detailed description, reviews, examples of its use in real time.
I think, the answer is evident. 

If you have attractive photo, description, it’s high time to use rich content.

What does rich content mean? Let’s find it out.
It’s useful, detailed information about the item. It includes photos, video, animation, application, VR, AR, etc. 

REMEMBER: we need to speak the client’s language, show advantages to him.
For example, wrong to write: “It is a high quality product”, what does it mean to the client? Each product is qualitative. Have you ever found the product card, where  the product was described as bad quality?
It is important to show why it is useful for the customer. 

Good rich content 

  • Illustrates the advantages 
  • Shows how can you use this product in real life, how it is better to do
  • Shows how can you combine the item with others
  • Brings out emotions
  • Etc.

Below we show several examples how to make your content “richer”

1) Use of the product. Show how the client can use the product. For example, if you sell clothes, show the full look with it. If we talk about furniture, show how it will be in the interior. 

2) Infographics
Sometimes it is more efficient to use graphs. The customer will better perceive information about difficult products when he will see tables, numbers, icons and so on. 
However, the information should be useful for the client.
For example, if we talk about stapler, the client is interested in capacity of sheet (for example, 25-Sheet Capacity), not in the length of staples (a standard 1/4 inch leg length). Be attentive.

3)  Video

30-40 sec video can increase your conversion, and if you have unboxing video the rise can be 20-22%. Video shows emotions, mood. Also the client can notice some critical details.  
4) Reviews
Attractive review is also an element of rich content. 
It can be:

  • Text (add photo to it)
  • Video
  • Or even reviews from different sites

Surely people have more trust to video review

5) 3D photo/ 3D rotating photo 
It gives more emotions to the visitor. Moreover, the client will have the feeling he is holding the item in the hands. Surely, this way is more efficient. 

Rich content becomes more and more popular, as it gives useful information and increase conversion. Most marketplaces began to use this format.

Try to implement it to your online-shop. And  see the result!


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