Love is in the air!

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Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is coming. It means that sales boost is coming too. 
E-commerce is waiting for this holiday. 
In 2021, Americans spent $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day.
What are the most popular items for these days?

The most popular gifts on Valentine Day


  • Red roses
  • Candy and sweets
  • Greeting cards

However, do not be upset if you do not have such products in your shop!
Today we are going to give tips, how you can make the most of your sales potential.

1. The main target audience is women, but they are not the only one.
Do not forget about millions of pet owners. Nowadays it is becoming popular to buy gifts for the pets.

Pet owners _how make them happy

Also singles. At time of lockdowns it is becoming more actual. Everyone wants to be pampered.
So with correct message you can find solution for each person in February, 14th.
2. Do not ignore esthetic and emotional side: charming wrapping, sweet descriptions, special photos.

how increase sales whithin special atmosphere in your online shop

3. Add romantic atmosphere to your site: articles, love stories, special design, “heart” illustrations and surely, red color. Promo codes, such as “HEART10”,” KISS15”, won’t be odd. Use your imagination. 
4. Remember you do not sell just chocolate, roses, necklaces, perfume, you sell the feeling LOVE
Show it in your messages: not “buy a ring for her/him”, but “show her/him your love”, or “buy a ring that she/he will love”
5. There are lots of examples, when companies with not “suitable products for Valentine’s day” have successful promo campaigns                                                                                                        For example, Every year Ryanair-airline company holds promo. It asks their clients to post a picture with special hashtag. The winner gets tickets to the dream city.  

marketing campaign for Valentine Day

6. Oh, yes shipping. It should be in time. As you understand, the present should be given in February, 14th sharp. So be really accurate with the dates.
7. Do not ignore email campaigns. They are still efficient, send promo or just greeting card to your customers.
8. And the most important thing: you sell EMOTIONS for this DAY.

eCom Labs knows how to increase sales in your online shop on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to launch creative marketing campaigns and boost your sales, do not lose it. All you need is LOVE.


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