Is E-mail Marketing alive? Tips for e-mail campaigns.

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Is E-mail Marketing alive? Tips for e-mail campaigns.

Is E-mail Marketing alive? Tips for e-mail campaigns.

It is an efficient marketing instrument. Moreover, it does not cost much money. 
The number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024. (Statista, 2019).
I think this fact will convince you to use this channel.

What do you need to do?
Below you will find 10 TIPS for it.

1. E-mail service

First of all, choose the tool, which will help you to do it. There are tons of them. We recommend Mailchimp. It is easy to use and navigate. Moreover, you can use different marketing tactics. Just try and understand if it suits you.

2. Professional e-mail address. 

It is a must. Your address won’t be ended at, and so on. It is suitable only for private use. For e-mail marketing you MUST have professional address. For example, You need to earn a trust from the clients and this tiny detail will help you dramatically.

3. Subject Lines. 

Efficient headings for your e-mail marketing

We are sure you know that bright title in article is 60% of success. The same situation with subject line. Please, pay attention to it. Every day people get loads of e-mails, subject line should attract the client. The aim: everyone wants to open your magic e-mail.  
It is a good idea to test the title and understand which line is more efficient. 
Don’t forget:
“Brevity is the soul of wit”
50 or even less – is optimal amount of signs, that you can use in the subject line. Be concise. 

4. Test. 

Test, test your e-mails. Sometimes we make mistakes: typos, links that don’t work. These can ruin the impression. That’s why it is efficient to do testing.  

5. Mobile version. 

You know that most people check e-mail on their mobile devices.  Make sure everything is visible and clickable. 

6. Call-to-Action.

call to action in your online shop

You should have an aim in each marketing activity. And you should show what do you want from your customer: to read a new article, to buy new product, to participate in your challenge etc. You need to direct your client, using simple “call to action “ and forward him to necessary page. Don’t forget about it.

7. Abandoned Cart. 

abandoned carts in your online shop

If client left the item in cart, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to buy it.  It can happen for many reasons. May be someone distracted his attention or he just went to sleep. BUT! He showed that your products are interesting for him. So you have an ability to gently remind him. The key word is gently. Don’t be annoying. By the way, CS-CART has such default function. 

8. Plan. Plan. Plan. 

marketing plan for your online shop promotion

Can you live without any plan? Yes. No. Maybe. 
However, if we are talking about e-mail marketing, you need to plan the frequency, the topics: sales, special offer, promo code, secret promo code, whatever.

9. Efficiency. 

You should always assess your efficiency: % of letters, which were opened, % of actions, % of conversion:
Open rate
Click-through rate
Unsubscribe rate
Bounce rate 
Analysis is a must. Firstly, you should analyze your content, visualization, headline, pictures and so on. FYI, the industry average email click-through rate is 2.13%. Of course, if your client’s base is small (less than 100), it is difficult to measure the result.   
However, there is always a possibility that your target audience is not interested in e-mail. There are always some exceptions. 

10. Personalization.

Personalisation for your clients

DO NOT start with: dear friends, partners. whatever. Name, name, name. Your letter should be personalized, you should highlight, that this letter is special for Mary, Jack and so on. In such way you show that value, understand your customer. It builds the trust. Besides, own name is the most favorite word for people. Do not neglect this fact. 

So the advantages of e-mail marketing are clear: cheap, affordable, personalized. 

It is high time to use it. Good Luck!


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