E-commerce trends for 2022

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E-commerce trends for 2022

E-commerce trends for 2022

E-commerce is changing fast and your store needs to be ready for it. Let’s look at trends for 2022. 
What will be next?!

Video consultant

Video consultant

Video stream from shop is becoming popular. It is online consultation. The client just saves his time: enter the site, find an item, study its features, if there is not enough information or he just want to check something he connects with shop assistant.
There is even practice when seller tries on some clothes so that the customer understands how it looks like and fits.  As you can guess, such consultation increases conversion.
For example, Eyezon service claims that there is 41% increase in conversion after watching just one live video stream.

Omnichannel sales

Omnichannel sales from ecom labs

It seems that the word “omnichannel” is becoming widespread in use. Omnichannel in marketing, sales wherever. In 2022 it will be more and more popular in sales. To get more orders, you sell goods on many platforms: your own online-shop, different marketplaces, social nets and so on. 
However, you need to analyze your sales, inventory, conversion and so on. You need to have everything in one place. The best option is CRM, which provides the solutions to manage different channels and analyzes.


m-commerce from eCom Labs team

Mobile commerce is increasing. Sales from m-commerce were increased by 15% by the end of 2021.
As you understand, this field will be developing further. Nowadays mobile users are the most active on the internet. People start not only shop, but also compare goods there and only after that take a decision to buy or not to buy. 
Also it is sensible to use different apps with artificial intellect, for example, virtual fitting room, if you sell clothes.
Chatbot can help your clients in many questions: size choice, order status, some recommendations.
This decreases return rate significantly. 

Social media

sales in social nets,Instagram

Nowadays social media is not for communication only, it has become full marketing tool. Brands are fighting for the clients in active way. 
Moreover, the “buy button” is added to most social nets. So people can buy goods. In 2022 it will be the most promising trend. Do not forget, that social media has great influence on people’s opinion.

Customized packaging.

Efficient packaging_advice from Ecom labs

Surprisingly, but 72 % American clients confirm that attractive packaging influence them to do repeat buyings. Packaging plays one of the key emotional role.  
Make it remarkable, nice, ergonomic, unique. Surprise the clients, show that you take care of them and make it ecofriendly, for example. 
Make clients excited before unpacking. 

In conclusion,
E-Commerce trends 2022 can minimize the clients’ doubts whether to buy the product online or not, also new trends will attract new clients to your shop and improve the way you sell online. They also broaden the frames. As a result, boost your sales. 
DO not ignore them, take the opportunity, make money and good luck!


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