Don't get married on the first date. Or What makes your online shop efficient.

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Don't get married on the first date. Or What makes your online shop efficient.

Don't get married on the first date. Or What makes your online shop efficient.

1. Do you know a lot of people who get married on the 1st date?

We don't. 
It is the same situation with e-commerce.
Most people do not buy products after the first visit. It is a mistake to expect it.
That's why it is important to get the e-mail of the visitor. It is a good idea to offer bonus on the e-mail. After that you can just remind him about your shop, BUT! DO NOT spam.


2. You need to believe in your product. It is a must. 

We hope, that this statement seems funny for you.
However, a lot of entrepreneurs do not use their products. But how they are going to sell it?


3. What is about demand?

You may have active advertising campaign, wonderful youtube channel, awesome instagram. But there is no demand, no sales. 
That's why it is essential to test your product, to tell about it to your audience, to get feed back. It is a good idea to make a test page, a test advertisement just to try the demand.
And only after this step set up online store. Remember: you should always be in touch with your target audience.

estimate the demand and supply

4. To tell the truth, to set up an e-commerce store is easy, especially with eCom Labs.
But. Stop. You believe in your product, you made a research. WHAT ABOUT DISTRIBUTION? The easiest way is to find  people, who are already selling to your target audience. They could help you in promotion. Actually. You need mutual partnership.

distrubutors for online shop

5. Photos.

Make sure all your items have photos. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but it is a usual situation, when there is no photo in online shops.
Moreover, photo should be attractive. It's better to ask professional photographer to take photos. Bear in mind: it is the only way to show the product to your client. 

photos for product card

6. Information. 

The description should be detailed. You should tell the story to your potential client. It is not enough to give brief information about the item.
The client needs all information. Moreover, don't forget about SEO effect

Detailed information for product card

7. Tech side.

It should be easy to buy in your shop : convenient registration, purchase, reduce the number of steps from clients'  interest to purchase and so on.

Tech side for your online shop

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