Describe or not describe?

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Describe or not describe?

Describe or not describe?

Description is really important thing. Please pay attention to it. It is not just facts from suppliers.
It is an important part, which can increase your conversion. The goal of the product description is to give enough information to customer and motivate him to buy the item. 
You should prove, why it is worth buying.
Just imagine, the clients open the product page and see photo and description. It is a chance to persuade him to buy your product.

product description

You should show how your product could solve customers’ problems and satisfy needs.
According to market research, conversion rate of detailed description is much higher than just manufactures’ description. 
The description should be above “cart” button. Your customer should read the text.
Just imagine you spend a lot of money on ads, promotion, but leave only the manufacturing facts as the product description. Not a good idea(
According to Nielsen Norman Group the objective and concise description is more efficient.
BUT! How to make your description efficient?
Below you’ll find some tips:

Target audience.

Target audience for your online shop

You should know who you sell your product to. Age, gender, lifestyle, hobby. 
Imagine you have the first meeting with your client. What are you going to ask him.
Also have a look at their social nets, study the language they use, humor and so on.
It will ease the description writing. You will better understand how to grab attention. 
It is necessary to define what problem can your product solve or what need satisfy.
It is a normal situation, when you do not have experience in description writing. It is not a problem. You can surf the internet and study loads of examples. Do not forget to use benchmark.


template for product description

Some experts offer to use template. It includes 3 steps:
Firstly, talk with client directly. Use the word “you” or “your”. Make him feel, that this item was produced for him. 
Secondly, show the advantage of the product, what problem can it solve. For example, 1 % fat milk let you drink coffee with milk even on the diet.  Or headphones with long battery life let you run even marathon.  
By this, you can CREATE a need in your product. For example, nobody had paid attention to pills on the clothes, they hadn’t realized such problem before new washing powder was created. 
And last, but not the least. Give recommendations. Recommend to use your product in special way or to buy additional product. For example, earrings for new dress, scarf to the coat etc.
REMEMBER: description should be short, use bullets.

To sum up:
In the description you should answer following questions:

check-up your product description

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • What advantages does your client get from the item?
  • What could you recommend to the customer.

Good luck!


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