Are there useless details???

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Are there useless details???

Are there useless details???

Surely everyone wants sales increase.  But the main question is how?
Conversion rate is an important metrics.  This is a percentage of online-shop visitors that becomes your clients. And the first goal is to increase this feature. 
The more visitors become your clients, the bigger profit you will get.
In our article you will find some tips how to improve this metric and increase the sales.
So let’s start with the beginning:

more leads more sales

Leads: it is not just the visitor. It is a person who express an interest to your site: gives contact information, subscribes to your news, does some special actions, takes part in some activities.
Below you can find different types of leads.
Registered users: the user visits your site, makes some actions, even adds items to the cart, however doesn’t buy it, but, for example, registers to your site. Bingo, he is a lead, he gave his contact information. You could send him some special offers. 
E-mail subscribers: the visitor can give only the e-mail address to get some special offer or discount.
Quote requests. Surely you have different forms to fill in on your site. One of them is for getting the estimation. Visitors become leads when they send this request to you. 
Contacts: Some people give contact information in order to get callback or some feedback
The MIX of all users mentioned above
In this case it is important to track the leads, understand where they came from. Special software or CRM system will help you. 
Conversion Rate It is an important metric, a percentage of people who made target action throughout all visitors. You can set different aims for conversion, you can predict how many people will visit special page, and how many people will do the target action.
For example, your aim is to get X requests for the quotation.  1000 users visited your home page, 100 users fill in the quote form. The conversion rate for this action is 10%.
Also pay attention to exit rate. Analyze the percentage of people who left the page. In such way you will understand who are interested in the page, products.

So how to increase conversion rate?

convertion rate

Review technical problems. 
If you still do not have sales, but there are no obvious problems. Please check technical side of the site. 
Imagine you are a client and build CJM. 

  • Storefront
  • Registration form
  • Shopping cart button
  • Order confirmation e-mail
  • Check if there is 404 error
  • Etc.

Personalize “Call to action”

call to action

It doesn’t mean that there should be different offer to each customer. But you could divide people to some categories: visitors, leads, paying customers.
Prepare text to each type, personalize it.  
The same situation with e-mail marketing. You can prepare different offers for different segments.

Site navigation
Minimize navigation elements on the key pages of your site, if you want to catch the clients’ attention to the Call to Action. In such case the eyes will be directed to this element, nothing will distract the attention. 


headlines for convertion rate increase

Yes, yes. It is important. They should be clear and transparent. Whether it is article, product page or homepage. The first thing the user see in your website is headline. It should grab your attention. There were a lot of A/B testing that prove: headlines influence the sales and can increase them. So be aware of your target audience and figure out the best option for the heading.

Space in your website
The navigation should be simple, there should not be a lot of elements, otherwise it will be crowded and it will be really difficult to find something in your site. Give space to your visitor.  
Sometimes it is better to get rid of elements to make the search easier.

As you see, some details could increase your sales and conversion. Do not ignore them, do A/B testing. Use the knowledge and put them into life---- make profit. 


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