7 useful Habits of billionaires

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7 useful Habits of billionaires

7 useful Habits of billionaires

Do you want to have a success? Surely! But HOW?
Start with habits. Yes, the step is easy - 7 daily customs can make you more efficient.
It works! Thousands of entrepreneurs prove the fact.
Let’s start!

1. Routine

timetable for your e-commerce

This will help you to use time more effectively. Instead of surfing Instagram, Facebook, different sites or even thinking of what to do, you will know what to do at this moment. It is a must, set this period on special time management platform, for example Outlook calendar. 

2. Morning

morning is ideal time for working

Surely, you will say that you are an owner of online shop and YOU DECIDE when to wake up. 
However, we have other statistics: 90% of management team wake up before 6 a.m. You might ask why? Early morning is a magic time, perfect for concentration. No one will interrupt, call you, distract attention. 
You can work at night, but there are more possibilities that you will be tired, feel unwell or someone’ll invite you for dinner. 
No one will ask you to join for breakfast at 5:00 a.m.
Moreover, a lot of entrepreneurs confirm that morning is ideally productive period, when you can focus on the project better. 

3. Exercises

excersises can improve your perfomance

Regular exercises keep oxygen level high, make you happier, more productive, full of energy, you get endorphins and as a result your brainpower increases.
Yes, you will tell us that you do not have enough time. But what about great successful business people? They also have 24 hours. Find time for it. Do it.

4. Now

First of all do the most difficult, important, challenging, maybe boring tasks. Yes, yes do it NOW, not later, not tomorrow, N O W.
All people want to postpone some deals, fulfill the easiest one and feel themselves more productive.
However, you should be honest. Do not procrastinate. You do not know what will be tomorrow. 
Remember the quote: eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

5. A small win is a win

Track the results, even tiny. For 100 %, you are waiting for $1 000 000. 
But, it is essential to track any RESULT: 

  1. You divide big tasks on several easy one
  2. It is psychologically right, you will have the feeling of accomplishment. Have achievable aims, do not get discouraged without the reason. Track any win you have, especially if you are startup.  

6. Work – life balance

Surprisingly, but if you want to be successful, spend time with family and friends.

You set up an online-shop, you work hard. What’s about the other side of your life? Have a rest, go on picnic, vacation, live your life. You are not a machine. You should think about other things, apart online store. 
Pay attention: divide time for business and for family, make them separate. It is more productive and structured. You will have precise schedule and know when you can be with your nearest and dearest and when you need to work, work.

7. Reading

Do not forget about books. Even 10-15 minutes per day will be ok. Expand you mind, learn other people experience, get new ideas, learn how to grow. 

As you see 7 habits can make you more efficient and your online shop more profitable. Try to use them all. TRY. NOW ☺


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