7 MUST- Have for your e-commerce site

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7 MUST- Have for your e-commerce site

7 MUST- Have for your e-commerce site

The aim of online shops/marketplaces - profit =good conversion. You can make the rate higher, just use simple tips for it.


chat bots for your online shop

Online shop works 24/7. Clients need support. One way of solving this problem is chatbot.
It becomes more popular. People are getting used to this service.
Surely, chatbots are becoming smarter and can solve more difficult questions, not only greetings.
They can answer some questions, navigate users to specific pages and be online all the time-they do not sleep☺.


video for online-shop

Conversion can be increased by adding the video to your site. Customers get three main things from it: trust. transparency and usability.
Video helps customers to make a decision which item to buy or even not to buy. CS-Cart gives an opportunity to add video to product card.
Do not lose an opportunity to sell more. It is not so difficult. 



reviews for your online-shop

99 % of consumers read reviews, 98% consider them as important step in CMJ.
It is essential to have ratings and products reviews on your site.
Your clients should find social proof that this product can satisfy their needs.
CS-Cart shops let the buyers display the reviews, also we have special add-ons for it, too. 


check list for your online shop from ecom Labs team
18 tips for your e-commerce site



User-friendly navigation

In ideal world users should not even notice navigation, they just flow from one item to other. However, in reality it is not always so. User-friendly navigation helps users to find what they need. It should be easy. 
Remember: one person seeks the products by category, other by brand, other by price. The way is not the only one. 
Products should be logically structured, spend time on analyzes. It is important. Quick links could also help.

Site search

site search

It is a crucial function for your site.
It allows customers to find what they want. For example, if they know product number or name. It is easy and fast. Also live search add-on can make this process simple it offers suggestions. 

Return Policy

return polic yfor online-shop

It should be transparent for 100%. A fair return policy builds trust between a business and its customers. In fact, a clear and consistent way of return can increase conversion and repeat rates. The customer should be sure that he can return the product if it doesn’t suit him.
It should be easy to find the policy, please do not hide it. 

Mobile app

Online shop/marketplace MUST be mobile-friendly. Shoppers should be able to buy from any device: tab, mobile phone, desktop etc.
It is a good idea to have a mobile app for your store. It is a little victory if you take place on the customer device.
You can send notifications with promotion, news etc., not waiting when the customer opens a browser.
You can push those promotional updates through your app to any customers that have notifications turned on.

It is not so complicated to increase your conversion, use these tips and get your profit. 


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