5 Reasons Why you need Blogging for marketing and SEO

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5 Reasons Why you need Blogging for marketing and SEO

5 Reasons Why you need Blogging for marketing and SEO

Do you think blog is important for your business? Blogging has a great influence on the promotion. Below we will learn 5 main reasons for it.

1. Loyalty and trust.

If you show the audience that you are an expert in the topic, they are becoming trust you more. For example, your potential client signed in your blog, started reading your article, found it interesting, useful and helpful. As a result, he started trust you, he’s seen your expertise and ready to communicate with you, ask for piece of advice. So the possibility for sale becoming higher. 

2. SEO. 

seo organic traffic

Organic traffic. Key words. Semantic core. Everything is here. 

If you have articles that answer the questions people ask, there are more possibilities that you will be shown in TOP 10. This levels up your visibility. It is a simple way to show off. Search engines love fresh, new, unique and relevant content.  

Internal linking is also a wonderful way to increase visibility, awareness. Do not forget to make links to your other articles.

3. Leads

marketing funnel

Imagine, your blog is popular, clients always want to know your news. In such way what will they do? Surely they’ll subscribe to newsletter. As a result, you get a contact, a lead, a potential client. Moreover, in your articles you can add «call to action» button, lead magnet: trial version, some additional information, check-list and so on. 

4. Educate your audience.

education from ecom lebs

People search for the answers and can find them in your articles. You can help to make their business better. As a result, they can trust you more.

When you update your blog on regular bases, your clients will consider you as an expert in the sphere.

5. Tone of brand. Image

You know the audience, you know how to communicate with them, what tone to use. Via your articles you can show the company’s image: are you friendly, are you serious, witty and so on. Your target audience will understand what to expect from you, what kind of communication will be with you.

Also it is a good opportunity to show the efficiency of your product, how it solves the problem, how you can use it. 

Besides, you can show the internal life of the company: atmosphere in office, attitude to the staff, how your working process is organized, what corporate standards you have.

If you are interested in traffic increase, create your own blog. You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and increase traffic to your site.

For small businesses, blogging is a must. If you don't have time, resources, or experience, you can always outsource it.  Make unique, relevant and engaging 
content and make people be loyal to your brand.


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