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E-commerce trends for 2022


E-commerce is changing fast and your store needs to be ready for it. Let’s look at trends for 2022. 
What will be next?!

Stripe connect


Stripe connect - a really successful startup. Millions of companies use it to accept payments, hold them, send payouts.
Stripe is really popular within online-shops. Moreover, its API is easy-to-use.
There are a lot of advantages of this payment system.

Make your content RICH


Which product (in case of the same features, brand and price) will the client buy? 
    1) A product, that has one photo, brief description 
    2) A product, that has several photos, detailed description, reviews, examples of its use in real time.
I think, the answer is evident. 

7 useful Habits of billionaires


Do you want to have a success? Surely! But HOW?
Start with habits. Yes, the step is easy - 7 daily customs can make you more efficient.
It works! Thousands of entrepreneurs prove the fact.
Let’s start!

Tell me WHY? or Abandoned cart. The reasons.


You have a wonderful online shop, good photos, some promo.
Many people always choose the items, but unfortunately do not buy them. They just abandon their carts. The question why? Today we are going to investigate this point. 
Sometimes the reason is simple: someone just distracted clients’ attention: a child, a phone call, an urgent message and so on.  The solution is also simple: just gently remind the client about the abandoned cart via e-mail. Actually, CS-CART has such default function. 

Describe or not describe?


Description is really important thing. Please pay attention to it. It is not just facts from suppliers.
It is an important part, which can increase your conversion. The goal of the product description is to give enough information to customer and motivate him to buy the item. 
You should prove, why it is worth buying.
Just imagine, the clients open the product page and see photo and description. It is a chance to persuade him to buy your product.

Is E-mail Marketing alive? Tips for e-mail campaigns.


It is an efficient marketing instrument. Moreover, it does not cost much money. 
The number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024. (Statista, 2019).
I think this fact will convince you to use this channel.

What do you need to do?
Below you will find 10 TIPS for it.

Faster, higher, stronger


We are sure you know this Olympic moto. However, this article is about site speed.
What is your opinion: should it be fast or not?
Actually, it must be fast. Site speed is a key factor of e-commerce success. If your site is slow, you will lose your clients. They just will go to other faster one. Poor site performance reflects badly on your company image.

Again?! But Why? Ecommerce Return Rate


8,8 vs 30 
Do you know what these numbers mean?
No, it is not smart phones rate:)

It is just the percentage of returns in traditional and online stores.
I think you will agree that the difference is great.
Brick-and-mortar stores have 8,8 % Return Rate whereas online shop at least 30%. 
Surely returns impact the sales, as a result, the profit.
We are going to consider the ways, how decrease this rate.

Voice search


Yes, yes, yes.

We have wonderful news. New add-on is ready.

As we wrote before, voice search is becoming more and more popular.

And we follow the trends.

That's why, we’ve developed "voice search" add-on. 

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