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What are you waiting for?! E-commerce trends in 2021.


2021- What will be in this year. Who knows?
Covid-19 changed e-commerce sector, consumers' buying habits. A lot of companies went online, at the same time a lot of companies went bankrupt. 2020 was really unpredictable and difficult. Who could even imagine that “lockdown” would be the most popular word in 2020? Everyone is afraid to make any forecast for 2021.


Nevertheless, we've read a lot of articles and can name the most frequently mentioned e-commerce trends for 2021.



Ho-Ho- now it is a popular greeting. Hope, it doesn't irritate you.:)

Surely, this year was really challenging. BUT, nevertheless, Christmas can be merry.

So the main question: Have you bought all the presents?! Hope, yes.

And the next-the most important e-commerce question: Are you ready for After Christmas sale???

Just get some useful tips from us.

Don't get married on the first date. Or What makes your online shop efficient.


1. Do you know a lot of people who get married on the 1st date?

We don't. 
It is the same situation with e-commerce.

5 Best B2B Wholesale eCommerce Platforms in 2020


The global B2B eCommerce market was valued at $12.2 trillion in 2019. Currently, Asia Pacific holds the biggest market share of 80% leaving North America and Europe far behind. In the US, B2B eCommerce is projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023 growing by 10% annually.

B2B eCommerce can become a new field for expanding your online business and it’s high time to occupy your niche there. And you should start by investing in a reliable B2B eCommerce platform.

In this article, we’d like to introduce to you five of the most popular and feature-rich B2B eCommerce platforms available on the market in 2020.

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